Dealing with a Failed Bet

If your relationship is degrading, you need marriage counseling in your area as well as your own GP or counselor. If you don’t want to marry you can request a court order forbidding your spouse from contacting, you without your consent.

In cases where your relationship is already abusive then there may be no option but to seek some form of mediation, which can be expensive and may not work. Many people are encouraged by the current legal changes to enter a civil partnership which is legally considered the same as a marriage.

This is a good option for couples where one or both parties are unhappy with their current partner but where neither of them wants to remain in a relationship that is not based on love.

In a civil partnership there are no legal rights and no entitlements for either of the partners. The law is only to protect the legal relationship and does not make any provision for any rights or obligations arising from any of the individuals involved. You may still wish to consider a pre-nuptial agreement.

Prenuptial Agreement is Essential

A pre-nuptial agreement is an agreement between two people who want to marry before they have any children. In a pre-nuptial agreement, the parties commit to each other not to marry before having children.

It is a good way to avoid a messy situation if one or both of the parties were to have a child together but decide not to marry each other. There are many advantages to agreeing to a pre-nuptial agreement and a written one is easier to keep.

Petitioning to change your civil partnership will make it easier to file for a pre-nuptial agreement if you can’t reach a civil partnership agreement at the time. Read more about Changing to a Civil Partnership from a Civil Partnership.

If you are considering a divorce from a former civil partner, you may have to change the type of relationship you are living in before filing for divorce. Read more about Divorces from Divorce.

Moving out You will need to get an official ‘Notice of Notice of Termination of Residence’ from the local police station and apply for a Temporary Abolition of Residence (TAOR) permission (if required) from the DVLA. You can find a list of local police stations here.

You can also download the application form from the DVLA website.

How long do I have to stop living in a civil partnership in order to get married?

You must not live in a civil partnership in England and Wales for more than 6 months from the date of the Civil Partnership Registration Order. You will be able to apply for the order from the same DVLA office in your home country.

For example, if you are a resident of Scotland, you will need to apply for an order from the Registrar General. You should note that you don’t have to get married in order to have an exemption from the 6-month restriction on civil partnership registration. However, you will not be able to get a special exemption for a shorter period.