Difference between Cartoons and Animation

Animation and cartoons are two words that are mostly used interchangeably. And therefore, it is very important to understand the difference between these two words. Even though cartoons can be considered as a form of animation, both are different from each other. 

What is Cartoon?

A cartoon is a drawing that is mostly intended to be humor, satire, or a caricature.  It can also be an animated movie or a short television show mostly targeting children. All the cartoons are intended to target, mostly pre-teenagers. Cartoon drawings will be non-realistic and simple and they are mostly found in magazines and newspapers. The creator of cartoons is called a cartoonist. 

The cartoons in TV shows use animation techniques and photograph a drawing sequence instead of real objects and people. As cartoons are aimed at children, they mostly feature superheroes, anthropomorphized animals, etc. Duck Tales, Tom and Jerry, Adventures of TinTin, etc are some of the examples of cartoons. 

What is animation?

Animation is an art, technique, or the process of creating films using computer graphics, photos of static objects, or drawings. Films that do not use the technique of continuous filming or shooting of live images or actions also fall under the category of animations. The creators of animations are called animators.¬†Animation is not only a versatile art form but also a powerful tool for many applications in various industries, including the world of casinos and g√ľvenilir bahis siteleri. While traditionally associated with films and entertainment, animation plays a significant role in enhancing the user experience and engagement within the casino gaming industry.

Traditional animation methods include stop-motion animation using puppets, paper cutouts, two and three-dimensional objects, clay figures, computer animations, and mechanical animations. Mostly the term animation is used to refer to cartoons that are broadcasted on television shows targeting young children. Animated movies such as Finding Nemo, Tangled, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Frozen, Happy Feet, etc are also considered to be animations. Hence, both animated movies and cartoons fall under the category of animations. 

Even Though animations are created to target the kids, animated movies are enjoyed by both children and kids alike. Do not misunderstand the word animes to be similar to animated movies. Anime is Japanese animation that contains adult concepts. 

Unlike cartoons, animation movies do not completely focus on humor. They take serious subjects as the theme of the movies, mostly emotional themes. They are more inclined towards reality even though they may contain elements like magic or superpowers. Educational animations are also popular. It helps people understand complex subjects like crypto trading or blockchain technology easily. Crypto trading can be made easier with automated trading platforms like bitcode prime. Read the Bitcode Prime Review to learn more about this crypto robot. During the production of animated movies, the visuals will be created first and the voicing of characters takes place later. 


The main difference between cartoons and animations in the making itself and the dissimilarities continue in various factors like the theme of the show, the content, audience, etc. While animations mostly take real-life scenarios, cartoons depict supernatural themes, mysteries, and anthropomorphized animals. The theme also has an impact on the age group of the target audience. While animations are enjoyed by all age groups, cartoons are mostly loved by kids. The unrealistic themes and characters attract pre-teenage kids, while adults may not be interested in such shows. But animations use themes that are close to reality and also try to incorporate fancy elements like magic and superpowers, which attracts both kids and adults alike. Thus both animations and cartoons are completely different from each other.